We are one step further in creating the most awesome Ultimate club in the Netherlands 😉
We have a new logo, facebook page, and we updated the website!

Our primary goal was to get a steady group of people committed to attend to a weekly training in the first couple of months.

This went beyond our expectations. That’s why since the 1st of March 2013 we formed an official sports club, we signed up at the chamber of commerce and we signed in for the outdoor competition 2013.

With around 20 members, 15 competition players, and a steady group of roughly 10-15 players who attend to the weekly trainings we have a good base now. But obviously we would like to grow some more. So besides performing as good as possible in our first ever competition as R’damnit, we will be doing various promotional activities this year to make our name in the region, get people enthusiastic for Ultimate, and enlarge our memberships.

So keep an eye on our website and our R’damnit facebook page for these activities.