Promotion to the 4th Division !!!!!!!!!!

After a good start on the first competition day with 2 wins and 1 loss, we were eager to play our best on the second day as well. After a really early sundaymorning wake-up call and a two and a half hour drive, we arrived in Groningen to face the organizing team Gronical Dizziness 2 in the first match of the day. In almost perfect conditions with the sun shining on a wind still field, we started the game really strong. With our fast breakouts and tight marking we dominated the first half, with Oscar even scoring a Callahan! After the break started out a bit more sloppy and GD took advantage of our weak spots and came back a little, but we soon got ourselves together and finished the game off with a 15-6 win.

For the second match we were facing Veenendaal Tijgers who came from the 4th Division. Because they had only one sub, they played zone, wich turned out to be a tough exercise for us. Until the break we were evenly balanced with 7-7, and it was a really challenging match. After the break we were playing some tight handling, wearing our opponents out, and we started to dominate the game a bit more resulting in a 13-10 win. But if Veenendaal had a few more subs it could have been a really long and evenly match untill a winner came out.

With two wins in the pocket we knew we had a chance to promote to the 4th division. Only Panic was standing in our way to do this. In Rijswijk we already encountered Panic, and after a evenly matched game we came out on top with a 8-5 win so we knew they have some good players, and we had to do our best to beat them. But it wasn’t their day, and because of our speed, solid defenses, and quick breakouts we were soon on a very comfortable lead. When we were about 10 points ahead, Panic came back a few points to avoid a complete walkover, resulting in a 15-5 win for us at the end.

And with these 3 wins we assured a promotion to the 4th division! On the 26th of May we will see how we will do in a division higher!