Promotion to 3rd Division (Matchday 1, open outdoor)

Sunday the 3rd of April saw the first proper day of spring this year. With the sun shining and low levels of wind, it was the perfect day for the tournament, hosted by Tilburg’s Flying High.

The four teams were well matched and most of the games were evenly contested. It was surely only by the shear intimidation of our spirited war-cry that allowed us to finish the day with 3 wins and no losses. Kudos to the BFrisBee2s whose spirit, grit and determination ensured that each of their games culminated in a universal point whilst playing savage for the entire tournament.


The first half of the first game saw us slide into the lead without too much effort, just well executed basics to reach half time 8-1 up. Flying High came back strongly in the second but we had sufficient momentum to corner a 15-5 win.

R'damnit - Flying High

Just before the second game we almost lost one of our key players to an unfortunate (but not entirely unforeseen) run-in with a concrete block. Luckily though Sander recovered admirably and was back on the field bleeding all over the disc in no time.

The second game was much tighter with the BFrisBee2s playing a dogged, high-quality game digging deep (with no substitutes) to keep the game close and bring it to a universal point. We kept anticipating their use of the zone which never occurred but, luckily for us, we managed to convert the point (10-9) and reach lunch time with two games in the bag and a buoyant spirit.

R'damnit - BFrisBee2s

Lunch was a relaxed affair with team members lounging about in the sun (James treating the contestants to his considerable whiteness), chewing the fat and resting our weary feet. In true entrepreneurial style, Stoyan seized the moment to carry out market research amongst the team and our opposition.

Ultimus Prime, in our last game of the day, put up a solid performance causing us many unforced errors and having to work back hard to gain and maintain the lead. Coco performed a superhuman feat by expertly marking a colossus 3 times her size. The game was well spirited and altogether a lot of fun and we successfully sailed through to a 13-10 win.

R'damnit - Ultimus Prime

All in all it was a great day out in the sun with disc and great teams and resulted in our promotion to the 3rd division, well done R’damnit!

Match results:
R’Damnit (15) – Flying High (5)
R’Damnit (10) – BFrisBee2s (9)
R’Damnit (13) – Ultimus Prime (10)

Final Ranking:
1. R’damnit
2. Flying High
3. BFrisBee2s
4. Ultimus Prime