Promotion to 2nd Division!!! (Third indoor competition)

So, to Veenendaal for the 3rd competition day of this indoor season.

With the positive vibe from the 2nd completion day fresh in or minds, spirits were high, but, given the holidays in between (no training/lots of food), we could only guess if our spirits would match our abilities. With only 1 sub we had our work cut out for us.

Since we did not take any photos, here goes the Flying Dutchman getting horizontal like a boss
Since we did not take any photos, here goes the Flying Dutchman getting horizontal like a boss. Thanks Basten 🙂

Traditionally, we start slow in the first match. This Januari, we managed to be somewhat sharp in the first match against the spinners. We opened the match trading point. Some minutes into the game the score was 6-3 leading. The margin being big enough, we tried a zone D which proved to be quit effective, winning the match in the end with 12-4.

Still psyched up from our previous win, we where up against DDT for our second match. Extra special since it was Deepak’s first outing against his former team mates. The match started out well, winning the toss for shirt color, since we both play in green. Intense man defense combined with a solid offence in which we didn’t give anything away, led to an exciting match in which dammit came out on top, 11-9

Next match would be the decider who would promote up to 2nd. Host Veenendaal Tijgers was our opponent. Having lost on universe the previous time we played each other, we were looking for a rematch.
We didn’t dare to play zone against DDT, but decided to give another try against The Tijgers. It proved a valuable strategy again and we managed a solid win with 12-8.

Three matches won meant we would promote to the 2nd division and play the brackets next meeting. EAT THE BABIES!!!

The realisation we would promote anyway, and given the state of our legs with only one sub, we tried to put up a good fight against NUTS. But the solid offence, with out drops or errors, was not fully there this match. Losing out on universe (8-9) is never nice, but the realisation we would promote to second, and winning against the top seeded DDT, made up for most of the disappointment.

All in all, an awesome, and very spirited 3rd competition day, GO DAMMIT!