Last training of 2012

First of all we want to give a brief update on our progress so far.

When we started our initiative to form an ultimate frisbee team in Rotterdam a couple of months ago, we could only have dreamed that we would be where we are right now!
After a few “park-trainings” we found a field at WION Rotterdam where we have been training once a week since November. And despite the snow we had a few weeks ago, and the cold temperature last week, the lowest attendance we had was about 10 people!!! So this shows something about the dedication of our members!

Next Thursday (20-12-2012) we will have our last training of 2012 since the field will be closed on 27-12.  So lets make this final training a blast!!! We will continue our trainings 03-01-2013.

Hopefully till Thursday, otherwise the best wishes and till next year!