R’damnit second open outdoor competition day

Even with our new fear inspring “Eat the babies”-yell, we started traditionally slow against organizing Flying High.
Although we started out trading points, our O had to work harder to convert our points compared to the opponets offence. Forcing a break against the well thrown hucks from tilburg proved difficult, with r’damnit never in the lead.
In the end it appeared that Flying High woke up quicker then we did and they took victory with 9-11.
Things looking grim for the rest of the day as the devision was very well matched.

Second up came BFrisbee2’s, as relegated team from previous compation day, they were this days natural favorites.
Apparently, the long brake between the match 1 and 2 allowed the team to wake up, or was it the unorthodox warm up?
Whatever the cause, we started the match trading point, giving away a calahan by yours truly certainly did not help. But before long r’damnit started to pick up the pace, tight D’s and an offence that mixed powerfull handler play with constant deep threats insured, what in the end was a big victory for the rotterdam squad, 11-4.

Still high from the previous win, damnit started out strong against Vertigo, the team that thought many of the rotterdam players the first principals of the game, and also the team starring Niek, brother of absent Bas Hermans. So the game was on: don’t get beaten by the old club. In the end we managed, and although the score, at 8-4 was OK, especially a second half with only three points scored did not diserve a winner. That said, the spirit was high and both teams kept on playing hard during the long points in the second half.

Third match game up, and as it can happen in these round robins, a win would mean promotion for rottedam. To do that, MUG had to be beaten.
And MUG was out in full strength, not looking to give us an easy match.
And they didn’t.
>Trading points throughout, it came down to universe at 6-6.
And a Universe point it was definately. Several turns followed, both teams had drops in the endzone. But in the end, R’damnit came out on top to claim a 7-6 win. Everybody was delighted with the promotion, and looking forward to show what we can do in 3rd.