R’damnit came second in first indoor competition day in Ijmuiden

Early morning on a drizzling and grey Sunday in mid-November nine athletic Rotterdammers got underway to try their luck in the indoor frisbee competition (3rd Division). The destination was Ijmuiden, mostly known for its industrial harbor and steel production, but also home to the Vellesan Speedy’s, the hosts and eventual winners of this first indoor competition day. Although our team lacked much indoor experience, R’damnit came second after five exciting and close games.

After seeing the Speedy’s crush Gronical Dizziness, our first game was against WAF from Wageningen, playing in baby blue and pulling off some impressing throws like the scoober. With some quick points we took the lead, but WAF quickly pulled itself together and made a comeback, ending the game in a 8 – 8 tie. Next were the big guys in red from UFO. We kept our cool and with sound team work and sharp throws managed to stay ahead, sending UFO home with 10 – 8. Then we were up against the Speedy’s, playing completely in black. We started out a bit nervous since we saw them crushing GD earlier. They were very athletic and obviously had some more indoor practice than we did. However, we did manage to put up a good fight, making use of the spaces they left in the field with their zone defence. The end score: 11 – 8 for the Speedy’s. Our last game was against GD. They practiced on their indoor throws, pulling off nice blades and overheads, but often made it too difficult on themselves making a lot of unforced errors. By moving the disc up steadily and patiently waiting for our best chances we managed to take on GD with big numbers and the only game that stopped before time ran out, because the maximum score of 15 was reached. (Wo)man of the match was Christine, who managed to score some amazing points by outturning the guys defending her. For that she deserved an extra beer.

Results (3rd Division):
R’damnit – WAF 8 – 8
R’damnit – UFO 2 10 – 8
R’damnit – Vellesan Speedy’s 8 – 11
R’damnit – GD 2 15 – 6

Final score:
1) Vellesan Speedy’s 12/12
2) R’damnit 7/12 (+8)
3) WAF 7/12 (0)
4) UFO 2 3/12
5) GD 2 0/12