R’damnit third open outdoor competition day

After two very sunny outdoor competition days (one even including winning the division and lots of beer!) it was probably some sort of retributive justice that on this third day in the outdoor competition we enjoyed the best of Dutch summer: the heavens opened and with wind, rain and sub-20°C temperatures it promised to be a mud fight rather than a bright day of Ultimate.

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R’damnit second open outdoor competition day

Even with our new fear inspring “Eat the babies”-yell, we started traditionally slow against organizing Flying High.
Although we started out trading points, our O had to work harder to convert our points compared to the opponets offence. Forcing a break against the well thrown hucks from tilburg proved difficult, with r’damnit never in the lead.
In the end it appeared that Flying High woke up quicker then we did and they took victory with 9-11.
Things looking grim for the rest of the day as the devision was very well matched.
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Exciting 3rd Indoor Competition day in Veneendaal

On January 25th R’damnit joined the 3rd Indoor Competition this season. With ten players, not only numerical strong, but also with a good mixture between very experienced players and some indoor newcomers, felt R’damnit confident to succeed in the tournament. This time Veneendaal, respectively their team ‘Tigers’ hosted the exciting tournament.

Due the relatively high number of players, the team decided to divide into defense and offense. So after every point won or lost, the whole team would switch. And this tactics turned out to be very effective. R’damnit won the first game against UFO (Utrecht).

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R’damnit feeling at home in Division 3

R’damnit seems to feel at home in indoor division 3 as they have managed to secure their position once more last sunday in Wageningen after coming second in the first competition day. The knives were sharpened again this sunday for indoor competition day 2 in Wageningen. R’damnit played their first game against the organizing team; WAF. On the first competition day in Ijmuiden WAF proved to be a tough opponent, forcing R’damnit into a 8-8 draw. Both teams consisted of many of the same players that played on the first completion day so everyone was expecting a close game. R’damnit started strong and managed to take the lead after a few points, never letting WAF back into the game. We managed to win 13-7 which was quite a surprising start for us.

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R’damnit came second in first indoor competition day in Ijmuiden

Early morning on a drizzling and grey Sunday in mid-November nine athletic Rotterdammers got underway to try their luck in the indoor frisbee competition (3rd Division). The destination was Ijmuiden, mostly known for its industrial harbor and steel production, but also home to the Vellesan Speedy’s, the hosts and eventual winners of this first indoor competition day. Although our team lacked much indoor experience, R’damnit came second after five exciting and close games.

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Members meeting R’damnit – October 16, 2014

Dear members,

To finalize the 2nd year of the club R’damnit a members meeting is planned on Thursday October 16, 2014 at 20:00. We will send you more details (agenda, minutes, etc) at a later time.

Your presence is highly appreciated at this meeting!

If you are unable to join this meeting, please let us know.

Best regards,
Board of R’damnit

Hargen beach tournament 2014

R’damnit formed a highly feminine combined team with Force Elektro this weekend to end up 18th in Hargen beach tournament. The first day the wind proved to be above our skill level but on Sunday we were able to win 2 games and enjoy ourselves in the process. Thanks all for joining!

Hargen 2014